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SheilaRose is an empathic healer, personal development coach, and medium with a unique ability to see and feel vibrational energy patterns. She can identify energetic attachments, cords, and limiting belief patterns within the body, helping clients release disruptive patterns at their root.

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My Story

Embodied in the ethereal spirit of SheilaRose resides an oracle of wisdom, a conduit of the transcendent, and a healer of souls who possesses an exceptional capacity to perceive and interact with the infinite vibrational echoes that form our universe. Her discerning touch of empathy can navigate the intricate labyrinth of energetic bonds and the karmic threads interwoven into the living tapestry of the human form.


Harboring an uncanny knack for revealing and engaging with the belief patterns that lie tethered within one's energetic essence, she unveils the core seed of disruptive rhythms that jostle the harmony of the individual's life song. In this awakening encounter, she co-journeys with her clients, guiding them to liberation from these shackles and catalyzing profound transformation and growth.


Guided by her divine attunement, SheilaRose bridges the celestial and earthly realm, channeling luminous entities: the cherished spirits of the departed, the noble Archangels, and the transcendent Ascended Masters. Their resplendent wisdom and healing radiance have led to monumental shifts, heralding profound transformations in her clients' journeys.


As a spiritual chaperone, she aids you in dispersing clouds of emotional turbulence, physical hindrance, or spiritual impasse, illuminating the path toward the life you envisage - a life of dreams materialized. With SheilaRose, you encounter the possibility of unshackling your latent potential, of sailing on the sea of serenity, and of dancing to the rhythm of your unfettered soul.


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