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The Soul, the Self, and the Power of I Am- A Spiritual Exploration

Unraveling the Mysteries of Our Spiritual Essence - A Deep Dive into the Meaning of I Am

Woman holding golden light of creation

Our ancients, the Egyptians, had a name for the spiritual essence that permeates every iota of existence - they called it the "KA." A fundamental truth about our existence, often perceived in reverse, is that our bodies do not encapsulate our souls, but rather, our souls contain our bodies. Picture this - your body, your reality, your symbolic pyramids, your world, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, and even the expansive multiverse – all reside within your soul.

Your KA, your soul, engulfs all existence. It leaves nothing out, including you, the beholder. Give yourself a moment to contemplate this profound truth. With your eyes shut or open, whichever you prefer, draw three deep breaths in harmony. The act of breathing is symbolic of balance; it represents the harmony of in and out, giving and receiving.

Like a single organism, we breathe together, our hearts beating in unison, and our souls vibrate on a shared frequency. "I Am" isn't a mere phrase - it's an eternal descriptor of your existence. It's the feeling of pure being, an existence detached from any point of origin or destination, suspended amidst realities, omnipresent yet elusive.

You hold the power to harness all potentiality within you and the capability to manifest it. You attract symbols to express yourself fully; every single one serves a purpose in your journey. As existence itself, the 'I' in 'I Am' is a testament to your being. The 'Am' stands for knowingness, the first distinction from the singularity, the unified oneness.

This separation allows self-reflection, self-definition, and self-experience from fresh perspectives. The next tier of consciousness emanates from belief, stemming from existence and knowingness. This belief is the prism through which your physical reality is refracted and created. Your physical existence allows you to express your free will, your ability to choose from the infinite possibilities. When you proclaim, "I am love," you define your physical self further.

The 'I' is your existence. 'I Am' embodies your knowingness. "I Am...[you fill in the blank]" is your belief, the key to your power and free will. Maybe this mechanism seemed unconscious or automatic until now. However, the burning flame in your heart is dissipating the shroud of oblivion. It is empowering you to define who you are, not arrogantly, but assertively because it's your birthright.

Resonate with this knowledge, and define who you want to be, who you demand to be. Who is the 'I Am' within your consciousness? State it, define it, claim it, whether it's "I am unconditional love" or anything else that resonates with your true self. Your existence is not a struggle but an effortless creation. The struggle only exists when you deny your true self.

Embrace who you are, for emotion is the conduit for the energy of your soul within your physical form. Allow yourself to feel and express it, whether it's through tears or laughter. Your desires are a reflection of who you are, and they carry within them your birthright – your inherent ability to deserve. Every bit of joy, love, life, and positivity you crave is yours to claim because you deserve it by virtue of your existence.

Your belief becomes your feeling. As you proclaim to the universe, "I am something," you can feel it resonating within you. Release that emotion, let it go, let it flow, unbarred and unjudged. As you crystallize your intention, feel your desire. This feeling is not just a fleeting sentiment; it's an inherent part of you, a birthright. Your desire isn't a prize to be won or a muscle to be exercised but an inherent ability to deserve. You deserve to create the life you prefer, steeped in ecstasy, joy, positivity, love, and vitality. Remember, it's not just a far-fetched aspiration; it is who you are.

As you harness belief, you stir up emotion. The emotion swells within you when you affirm your true identity to the universe. Let it wash over you. Allow yourself to experience this emotion fully, without judgment. Feel the release. Feel the affirmation of who you are. It's not a struggle. It's a revelation. It's a release of the boundless energy of your soul, finally allowed to express its full glory.

Allow your desires to amplify, let them build into a crescendo, and let them wash upon the shores of your consciousness like mighty waves. Laugh if you wish to, cry if you need to – each is a valid and beautiful expression of your true self. Discover your desire, don't wait for it to find you. Let it surge through your being; let it electrify the atmosphere around you with the power of your intention.

Take this moment to feel who you are. It's not about straining or pushing but welcoming and accepting your inherent nature. Embrace the raw, authentic power within you, not as a violent storm, but as an effortless creation that requires no struggle. Realize that the real struggle has always been denying this powerful, effortless self.

With these realizations, you will unleash your great empowerment with no boundaries or limitations. After all, who can limit you but yourself? Ponder this for a moment.

Finally, understand that expressing who you are is as simple and natural as breathing. Don't suppress your emotions. Instead, please give them a platform to be experienced and expressed fully. Emotions are not your enemy; they are the catalyst that moves the energy of your soul within your physical body. They are the messengers of your soul, communicating who you are, what you desire, and what you believe in.

In this moment of self-realization, understand that you are not just worthy of your desires. You inherently deserve them. Embrace this truth. You deserve to live your desired life imbued with joy, positivity, love, and life. After all, this is who you are at your core. This is your 'I Am.' Now, go out and live it in joy and passion.

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