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Divine Child Healing

Discover the Path to Inner Harmony with Divine Child Healing Remote Sessions
At the heart of every child lies a unique energy, a beacon of authentic self-expression and harmony. In the bustling journey of life, this energy can sometimes become clouded, leading to emotional and spiritual imbalances. This is where our Divine Child Healing Remote Sessions step in, offering a beacon of light and balance for Starseed children.




Is Your Child a Candidate for Divine Harmony?

A child in need of balance often exhibits signs that are cries for help in regaining their inner equilibrium. Look for indicators such as:


  • Heightened sensitivity to emotions, absorbing the feelings of those around them.

  • Challenges in maintaining focus, or disruptions in their sleep patterns.

  • An inclination towards frustration or heightened reactions to daily occurrences.

  • Tendencies to exert control over their environment in an attempt to find stability.

  • Struggles in adapting to life's routines, especially following impactful events.

  • Our sessions are a sanctuary, a place for your child to reconnect with their intrinsic state of harmony. Through our specialized approach, we aim to alleviate emotional burdens and traumas, fostering a space where positive energy flows, negativity is dispelled, and a sense of self-worth and confidence blossoms.


What to know before you book?


The journey of healing is as unique as each child. Some may exhibit immediate signs of improvement, while others undergo a more gradual transformation. In particular, older children might experience subtler changes over a longer period. It's essential to allow time for the process of integration and evolution.


While many parents report transformative results, it's important to note that the journey of healing is complex and varied. In certain situations, the dynamic between parent and child evolves alongside the child's healing, highlighting areas where the parent might also benefit from guidance and healing.


Our guide and mentor, John, brings his expertise in understanding and navigating the realms of energy and its impact on the young. His dedication has not only transformed the lives of children but has also brought enlightenment and understanding to whole families, unraveling the complexities of familial bonds and dynamics.


Embark on a Journey of Healing and Understanding


Are you ready to explore the potential of Divine Child Healing Remote Sessions for your child and family? Let’s connect and unlock the door to a balanced, harmonious life for your little ones.

Sessions for Children

222 USD - Start Package 

Two one-hour remote healing sessions

½ hr follow-up conversation

70 USD - Additional Sessio

A one-hour remote healing session

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